DeMark On Day Trading Options

The option day trading blueprint you’ve been waiting for!




The option day trading blueprint you’ve been waiting for!

Use elite day trading strategies for impressive options trading results. Electronic day trading of Internet stocks may be making the headlines…but the entire field of day trading has exploded! “DeMark on Day Trading Options” is the first book to combine two of today’s hottest trading phenomena – day trading and options trading – into one exciting blueprint for making money in volatile markets. After first reviewing the basics of options, Tom DeMark, renowned as a pioneer in technical analysis breaks new ground by introducing methods and techniques specifically designed for day trading options. He provides insights on selecting the best options to trade for specific markets, details how traders can accurately predict market movements, and introduces the ingenious option trading variable he developed.

Options day trading is no walk in the park. But it is your most potentially profitable way to take advantage of the day-trading phenomenon. Put the odds in your favor with Demark on Day DeMark and Thomas DeMark, Jr. Forget complicated formulas! Instead, this nuts-and-bolts guide gives you a set of option trading techniques, indicators, and rules to limit risk without sacrificing profit. You’re shown how to:

  • Select, design, and build your own highly-personalized trading model
  • Use filters and screens to select optimal option trading candidates
  • Identify low-risk entry points in up, down, or even sideway markets

You get savvy tips for buying puts or calls based on market, industry, or underlying security ù even get a phone number to get a free, updated TD Indicators demonstration disk. For three decades, traders using breakthroughs like the DeMark Indicators have made fortunes. Now it’s your turn!


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