How to identify POI, liquidity, T1/T2 structure, How to formulate your daily bias, How to enter via SCC/FU and what is TDGFX 2 timeframe strategy.





This PDF book is a short and handy introduction to how to Identify most important topics of market like POI, T1/T2 structure and so on.
Words of Welcome for the Author :
Hey guys and girls, first of all thanks for purchasing my trading handbook. This handbook if you chose to follow it to the T will bring you profitability in the financial markets. This is the exact strategy that I use to make money week in week out in the forex markets but can be applied to any market that you wish to.

How to identify a POI.


Table of content :

  • How to identify POI
  • How to identify liquidity
  • How to identify T1/T2 structure
  • How to formulate your daily bias
  • How to enter via SCC/FU
  • TDGFX 2 timeframe strategy


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