Bystra Legacy International Full Course 2022

S.I.A.P System that will enhance the trading edge in your trading business




Bystra Legacy International

S.I.A.P System that will enhance the trading edge in your trading business

What is S.I.A.P System?

S.I.A.P is a system that created to simplify the complication of the trading business. It stands for Systematic, Interactive, Accurate & Patience

Course learning outcomes

  •  You will learn how to improve your win rate.
  • You will understand how the S.I.A.P processes together with the fantastic five (5) setups.
  • You will learn how to prepare to trade with the Right Mindset.
  • You will develop high income skills that will help you to earn in any part of the world.
  • You will learn different methods to identify the Danger Zone.

Description by Bystra Legacy International Team :

We are the Bystra Legacy Team

We are students of Bystra wholly owned by Teacher Nora Karim. She had inspired us tremendously in our trading business. Therefore, with her blessing, we are honoured to continue her legacy for Bystra.

We are passionate to inspire traders to improve their winning rates. We had back-tested and forward-tested the system with at least 10,000 screenshots more than 16 months.

Bystra Legacy International use Direction + Bystra Setup with Confirmation of Rejection before Entry to mitigate risk as much as possible.


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