Fibonacci For The Active Trader

Fibonacci For The Active Trader

Derrik Hobbs will teach you his favorite Fibonacci strategies




Derrik Hobbs is co-portfolio manager/financial analyst for a publicly traded mutual fund. The fund was listed as one of the best performing large-cap growth funds in their universe in the January 2002 issue of Smart Money. Derrik provides short to intermediate-term trading guidance to the fund, as well as entry and exit recommendations on long-term fundamental positions, based on technical indicators and Fibonacci analysis. He also writes a widely-read column for
Learn strategies for short-term trading using Fibonacci Ratios. Author Derrik Hobbs teaches the basics of Fibonacci and then provides step-by step instructions on specific strategies that can be used to potentially identify opportunities for the equities market

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  • Publisher   TradingMarkets Publishing Group
  • Publication date  2003
  • ISBN 10 0972122974
  • ISBN 13 9780972122979
  • Binding  Hardcover
  • Number of pages  221


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